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Texas EOS Rd 2

Austin is HOT!!!



August 12, 2012

Ninety Four!!! Ninety four was the entry total for Rd.2 of the Initial Texas EOS Season. 17.5TC and 21.5 F1 both had down to a C main!


Even with Temperatures reaching 102 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest part of the day and track temps exceeding 140 degrees, racers came out in full force to support the Texas Electric On-Road Series. We had a total of 8 classes, ranging from Novice all the way to Open Touring car which included several Top US Racers once again.


Different winners in almost every class, with the exception of F1, which was once again dominated from start to end by Marcus Williams, using the RC Shox FQ chassis. Second place was head of UF1 Houston, Christian Jones and third was the other half of the Mike Dumas led TeamSR, Jordan Born.


In VTA, we had a little bit of a shuffle of the top 3 from rd.1 with David "Sharpie" Walker taking the 1 spot, followed by rd 1. winner Randy Novak in second and Joey Novak in third.


In GT10, series newcomer and Austin local Pit Racer dominated from the first qualifier, taking home the win in the A Main, followed by Randy Novak and Rd.1 winner Aaron Grant in third.


The 12th scale class had a much stronger showing in Rd.2, with James Lundberg taking TQ and First, followed by Robert Bremer in Second and Danny "THRC" Finley in Third.


17.5 Blinky TC was one of the most exciting races of the weekend with Marcus Williams TQ'ing narrowly over Joe Maxey with a borrowed car from RSD's Cristian Tabush. In the main, a bit under-powered, Marcus held back the hard charging Han Wu from Dallas to take the win by less than a second. Round 1 winner Ivan "Doug" Bryson rounded up the top 3.


The top class for the series, Open Touring car was also very exciting to watch. Contrary to rd.1, when Chris Adamsdominated from start to finish, racing was much closer in rd. 2. All three rounds of qualifying were extremely close with each of the top 3 drivers for the day having the fastest car in each of the rounds of qualifying. After the dust settled, Chris Adams took TQ followed by Mike Dumas and the Cristian Tabush. In the Main, fast starter Cristian Tabush made early moves on both Dumas and Adams on the same corner (just laps apart) to take over the lead. Stretching the lead slightly over the first 4 minutes of the race, Dumas put it in overdrive and narrowed the gap lap by lap and with about a minute to go a mistake by Cristian Tabush allowed Dumas to go by for the lead and win. Cristian Tabush finished in second, and hard charging Chris Adams finished in third.


Well, that's it! Rd.2 is in the books. It will be hard to top Austin and the Hobby Town crew. Thanks for all your hard work guys! Chris Brame, Tim D, and the rest of the ATX guys, you did a fantastic job. This will be one for the ages.  Next up is world famous Mike's Hobbyshop in Carrolton, TX. See you soon EOSers!



Round 2 Results


F1 A-Main

F1 B-Main

F1 C-Main

17.5 TC A-Main

17.5 TC B-Main

17.5 TC C-Main

Open TC A-Main

Novice A-Main

GT10 A-Main

18th Scale A-Main

12th Scale A-Main

VTA A-Main