Texas EOS

Round 3 Race Report


The third round of the Texas Electric On-Road Series was held at NControl RC Raceway, site of the upcoming 2017 ROAR Electric On-Road Paved Nationals in Dale, Texas. The permanent track features smooth asphalt and wide flowing lanes that made for close racing across all 6 classes. The event produced record breaking turnouts, which made making a spot on the podium all the more challenging and rewarding.


In the star-studded modified TC class, Chris Tosolini and Ralph Burch would trade TQ position back and forth over the opening three qualifying rounds, with Tosolini eventually securing TQ honors. In the A Main, Tosolini would lead wire-to-wire followed by Burch in second. The real battle took place between 5th place qualifier Cristian Tabush and 3rd place qualifier Chris Adams. Within the first few laps of the main, Tabush was able to jump from 5th to 3rd, where he would battle with Adams for the rest of the race swapping positions. In the end, Tabush would claim the final podium position.



















Modified TC:

  1. Chris Tosolini
  2. Ralph Burch
  3. Cristian Tabush
  4. Chris Adams
  5. Chris Kemper

In the 17.5 TC class, the A Main proved to be one of the more exciting mains with a number of position changes occurring throughout the field. The extremely close racing would result in a number of incidents that would shake up the qualifying order. Starting on the pole, Chris Kemper would be one of the few racers to get out in front of the ensuing battles and have a clean run thus securing his 1st place podium finish. Coming in 2nd, Johnee Fenimore would work his way from 5th on the starting line taking advantage of the early race exists of Michael “Toastie” Toth and Larry Meyers. Ron Atomic would fill the final podium position after starting 3rd on the grid, but having to work his way all the way back from 6th position mid race due to an earlier race incident.



















17.5 TC:

  1. Chris Kemper
  2. Johnee Fenimore
  3. Ron Atomic
  4. Andrew Doherty
  5. Billy Land

One of the largest fields in the event was USGT with 19 racers. During qualifying, Billy Land would set the early pace and establish himself as the driver to beat. In the A Main, Land would again put down a clean run and set the fastest overall lap time of the class to take the top podium position. Hot on his heels was Marcus Williams who would take the 2nd place position. Unchanged from the qualifying order, Josh Barry rounded out the podium in 3rd.




















  1. Billy Land
  2. Marcus Williams
  3. Josh Barry
  4. Sean Bloch
  5. Soap Yem

The fastest growing onroad class in Texas is 25.5 TC. With two full heats of 25.5 drivers, making it into the A Main and further onto the podium would take both speed and consistency. Leading the way with the TQ and 1st place A Main finish was driver Larry Meyers. Making full use of the home track advantage, 2nd place Joe Maxey and 3rd place Josh Barry would complete the podium making for a clean sweep by local NControl drivers.



















25.5 TC:

  1. Larry Meyers
  2. Joe Maxey
  3. Josh Barry
  4. Victor Young
  5. Sean Bloch

Finally, the 12th Scale class would be dominated by two individuals, Johnee Fenimore and Doug Bryson. Although Fenimore would set the TQ and turn the fastest single lap in the A Main, an early race incident would push him temporally back into 3rd place. Capitalizing on the mistake, Bryson would take the lead and never look back. Fenimore would eventually work his way back to 2nd followed by 3rd place finisher Victor Young.



















12th Scale:

  1. Doug Bryson
  2. Johnee Fenimore
  3. Victor Young
  4. Jose Isales
  5. Nick Sibigtroth

Round 3 saw an additional exhibition class of Electric GT8 cars. In a hard fought battle, Wayne Stuntz would take 1st in the A Main after starting 3rd on the grid and putting the pass on TQ driver Aaron Grant in the closing laps of the race. Paul Gaertner worked his way into a 3rd place finish after starting 5th on the grid.



















Electric GT8:

  1. Wayne Stuntz
  2. Aaron Grant
  3. Paul Gaertner
  4. JB
  5. Damian Vela